Re-enactment of life in the English Civil War

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  Sealed Knot Events for 2016  
23rd January Nantwich Mini
1st - 5th May Bolsover Castle (Derbyshire) Mini (In Negotiation)
22nd - 24th May Newstead Abbey (Nottinghamshire) Major (In Negotiation)
12th - 14th June Holdenby House (Northants.) Major (In Negotiation)
6th - 7th August Bovington Tank Museum (Dorest) Large (In Negotiation)
6th - 7th or 13th - 14thAugust Tattershall Castle (Linconshire) Mini (In Negotiation)
13th - 14th August Sedgemoor (Somerset) Mini (In Negotiation)
13th - 14th August Bristol Mini (In Negotiation)
This is a list of Sealed Knot events. Once the Regiment has comminted to an event this will change.
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